Alchemy Media is a small but powerful, full service, accredited advertising agency, that's worked with some of the world’s biggest brands. We’re a dynamic and passionate team of young creatives, driven by one simple idea: delivering results, every time!

A marketing and production professional with over 34 years in the industry and boasting over 76 advertising awards including the 'FACTS Commercial of the Year’. Peter has been responsible for managing, developing, writing, art directing, producing, directing and implementing stand-out campaigns for prestige clients such as Mitsubishi Motors, Bob the Builder, Hitachi, Thomas the Tank Engine, Pez Candy Worldwide, Mattel Australia, Mattel Fisher-Price USA, Funrise USA, New Bright Hong Kong, Metricon Homes, Einhell Australia, Funtastic Australia & Hong Kong, Tonka and The Disney Channel Worldwide.





Steve is a Vision Designer with professional eyes and talent far beyond his years and boasts an Advanced Diploma of Multimedia (Design). He is an advanced user of editing software HD Final Cut Pro and Adobe design and ILM special effects programs. Steve’s edit suite boasts one of the most advanced audio production recording, monitoring and mix-down systems in Australia.  Steve is also an experienced web designer and viral campaign coordinator who has executed projects for Triumph UK and Kawasaki International.

Jeremy is Vision Designer specialising in motion graphics and high end special effects. As an advanced user of the Abode Creative Suite and ILM CGI effects programs, Jeremy is our Hollywood wizard who has created high-end commercials for Mattel Australia, Mattel Fisher-Price USA, Funrise USA, New Bright Hong Kong, Mookie UK and Metricon Homes.



Kris has been designing for more than 20 years, and in that time has worked with small start-ups thru to National brands like Dennis Family Homes and ConnectEast (Eastlink), as well as multi-nationals such as Mitsubishi Motors, Disney Channel and SPC Ardmona. He’s a true multi disciplinarian - which means he’s a man of many hats. He can be designing an identity for a new national retailer one day - and the next designing an interpretive display for the Barmah Forest Heritage and Education Centre. He’s designed identities and brands, labels and packaging, environmental displays and signage, national print campaigns, delivered collateral systems for some of the countries biggest brands, he’s designed for web and mobile, and art directed photo shoots all over the country. He lives and breathes his work, and he wouldn’t want it any other way.



Sue has been in accounts operations since 1983 when she began her career with Campbell Soups Australia and then advanced to the prestigious global accounting firm Price Waterhouse London. Sue is a founding partner of Alchemy Media and today uses both the accounting software ‘MYOB’ together with the advertising industry ‘Job Bag’ system to best manage account elements such as receivables, payments, reconciliation, media monitoring and DATA processing. Sue has exceptional relationships with our clients, suppliers, affiliates and media companies. Her work, attention to detail and personal communication is well respected in the industry.



Jarrod has extensive experience as a Cameraman and Director of Photography. Jarrod has worked on national and international materials for Disney Buena Vista International (Disney) and New Bright Hong Kong. Jarrod has lit and filmed commercials for Mazda, Mattel Australia, Mattel Fisher-Price USA, Funrise USA, Honda, Mitsubishi Motors, The Wiggles, Disney & Tonka Toys.  Jarrod is an ACS accredited Lighting Director and advanced user of Sony Cine-Alta HD camera systems. Jarrod is also an architect and is currently designing prestige homes and commercial buildings and showrooms for Audi Australia.